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Choosing the right snowboard bindings

There are lots of different types of snowboard bindings to choose from and as a beginner, or even a seasoned pro, they can be quite confusing but here is a brief overview of the different types of bindings and what might suit your best. The main types are Strap Bindings, Step-in Bindings, Flow-in Bindings, Plate Bindings and Baseless Bindings.

Strap Bindings

Strap bindings are pretty much the standard type of binding as they were the original snowboard bindings. The reason they're still very popular is because they excel in adjustability. They can be extremely adjustable and can be ratcheted as tight as you need very easily.

Step-in Bindings

Getting your feet into strap bindings can be a bit cumbersome as you need to undo the bindings and tighten them up every time you want to get in or out of them. Step-in bindings were developed to solve this problem by allowing a simple step-in and click mechanism to make it easier to get them on. The downside to step-in bindings is that they're not as well supported across the top like the strap bindings so they're more difficult to use for tricks.

Flow-in Bindings

Flow-in bindings are the new type which is quite popular at the moment and are based on a combination of strap and step-in bindings. They can be stepped into by simply flipping the back backwards and putting your boot in. The only downside is that they're slightly more difficult to adjust than strap bindings.